Who We Are
Just Say YOE!
"A visit to YOE! Studio explains a lot - it's the physical embodiment of a wildly creative and eclectic man. We love YOE! Studio's work and their approach to creativity!"
- Geraldine B. Laybourne, Chairman & CEO, Oxygen Media
AKA Gerry, The Boss Lady
...is just like any other family, except for the part about being related. We've got designers (the best in the biz), marketing mavens, computer whizzes, witty writers, and project managers to keep 'em all in line (a gentle tap on the nose with a rolled up newspaper usually does the trick).
Our mission is to deliver innovative excellence to our clients. We're committed (not to be confused with having been committed) to bringing humor and fun to the work we do (unless you hate humor and fun...in that case, so do we).
Better known as C.E.YOE, Craig's done it all. Early in his career, he was Senior Designer for toy think tank Marvin Glass & Associates, where he worked on toys like Cabbage Patch Kids and My Little Pony (he also liked to play with My Little Pony, but that's another story). He was recruited by Jim Henson to be Creative Director and later VP/General Manager of the Muppets, working on everything from TV shows to theme parks. After Henson's death, Craig declined a lucrative job offer from Disney to make his own magic with Clizia Gussoni and YOE! Studio!
Better known as Queen of the Universe, Clizia got her art degree from the Alessandro Caravillani School in Rome -- one of the best schools in Europe (or so she says...really though, would we know if she's lying?). She founded and directed Sei Matto? Studio, which specialized in the entertainment and recording industries, and co-produced a cartoon festival in Lucca, Italy, in 1992; it was there that she met Craig Yoe, and a year later they merged their bi-continental creativity to form YOE! Studio!